4GB HD Noise-reduction Mini Digital Voice Recorder Audio Sound Recording Device for Business Meeting

4GB HD Noise-reduction Mini Digital Voice Recorder Audio Sound Recording Device for Business Meeting

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 4GB HD Noise-reduction Mini Digital Voice Recorder Audio Sound Recording Device for Business Meeting



Memory Capacity: 4GB
Shell Material: CNC Zinc Alloy, Tempered Glass Screen
Voice Recording Format: WAV
Recording Time: 48 H
Standby Time: 68 H
Recording Way: One Button Rercording
Microphone: Large Diameter High Quality Silicon Microphone
Recording Quality: 1536Kbps High Quality Recording/CD Level Sound Quality Standard
Frequency Reponse: 20Hz-20KHz
Screen: OLED Chinese Display
Supporting Languages: 18 Languages Includes Chinese, English and More
Battery: Built-in Eco-friendly Lithium Battery
USB: Mini USB 2.0/OTG
Size: 10.5*2.1*9cm


Sound activated recording
Variable speed playback
Encryption function
Dynamic noise reduction
Listen while recording
Record segmentation function
18 languages
Repeat A-B
A button recording
Fast forward and backward playback
Auto save files when the power is low
Memory playback function
Multiple sound effects
Folder classification management
With loudspeaker
1536 bit rate
Play music
Lyrics synchronization
Cell phone connection (Cell phone must have OTG function)
Process files anytime, anywhere



1. Open the recorder and see the construction inside. Low quality products will only cause you problems
2. High stability, no more crashes, files are no longer chaotic
Shielding ambient noise, not exaggerated, true 1536 KBPS bit rate, highly restored true sound, giving you a better experience.
3. HD long distance. As long as the ear can hear the sound, the recorder can make a clear recording.
4. Zinc alloy integrated technology design, small and beautiful. Compact and portable design, the size is almost the same size as the lighter, easy to carry.
5. Voice activated recording. Automatically record when there is sound, save storage space, save playback time, filter unwanted clips.
6. High industry standard, recording bit rate reaches 1536 KBPS, accurately capture the original sound, restore the scene to environmental sound.
7. Smart password protection. Only the recorder of your own, you can boot the password, protect the audio data closely, and the privacy is not leaked.
8. A button recording. A power on / off button, A button, Easy to operate, prevent errors.
Note: the pull-type recording switch can quickly and accurately turn on the recording in the emergency recording scene, and quickly save the recording to prevent the recording / storage failure due to errors!
9. Intelligent noise reduction technology. Acoustic cancellation for noise types in different environments, filtering reduce environmental noise.
10. Intelligent timing recording. Support timed recording, can be a certain time, automatically on recording, can be the trouble of manual operation, very convenient.
11. Auto save files when the power is low. When the recorder is off, the recorder automatically saves the recording file to prevent data loss and ensure security.
12. Timestamp synchronization. Built-in time chip, after synchronizing time with the computer, the recording file is named after time.


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