12 inch 3D TV Amplifier Mobile Phone Screen Enlarger

12 inch 3D TV Amplifier Mobile Phone Screen Enlarger

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Quick Overview

Screen Magnifier  ,12 inch 3D TV amplifier mobile phone screen enlarger magnifier with Bluetooth speaker/mobile screen magnifier

 Main feature:

1. Enable phone screen  enlarged three times in clear  picture,  vivid, dynamic .

2. Simple, elegant, light weight, small size and easy to carry, suitable for use  – indoors, camping, road, leisure and so on.

3. Clear Fresnel optical amplification technology, not power-driven, no-cost, energy-saving and        environmental protection.

4. Fit all types of mobile phones( not for over 6″ screen of phone).

5. In particular mobile movie viewing 3D stereo effect is strong!

6. more suitable for the elderly to read books, newspapers, read the news online.

7. Bluetooth speaker for loud sound volume

8. Recharge mobile phone when in emergency status

9. Powered by 2 ways ,one is by Micro USB charging cable ,another one is by inside 18650 rechargeable battery

10. can be mounted on lazy long arm holder


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